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TransAtlantic Pudding and Souse

On my recent Barbados holiday I tried Pudding and Souse and vowed to give it a try when I returned. Last Friday I had the opportunity. This fascinating dish is a Bajan Saturday tradition. It uses cheap ingredients to make … Continue reading

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Bajan Sweet Potato Pudding

My pudding and souse experience in Barbados was memorable. I wanted to try it again but gave pudding a tryout on its own. There are a variety of ingredients in the recipes I read so I aimed for something in … Continue reading

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Bajan pudding and souse – traditional Saturday lunch

I’ve had to wait a week to write this blog. It was only after we’d been on holiday for a couple of days in Barbados that I saw the little cafes saying that they served pudding and souse. After a little … Continue reading

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In search of the perfect rice and peas… It’s your Mom’s

I’ve underestimated rice and peas. During our trip to Barbados we have been offered it as a side dish in every cafe we stopped at. It’s a tasty accompaniment which clearly has a cultural significance in this part of the … Continue reading

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