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Griddled peach, avocado and feta salad

I’ve never had much luck cooking with either pears or peaches. We struggle to get great fruit in season anyway in the UK and I’m not the most delicate of hands. There is something about fruit which makes it hard … Continue reading

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Lemon roasted feta salad with roasted vegetables. Celebrating a sunny spring weekend

I’m not sure what the equivalent of an Indian Summer is in describing a wonderful sunny day in Spring. We’ve been blessed in early May with some serious sunny weather so it’s time to set aside the stews and lighten … Continue reading

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UK Burger Battle – experience something new

This weekend I fulfilled one of my food ambitions. Social media is alive with talk of street food. Pop up restaurants and street food festivals are what the cool young things are both doing and trying. For the lucky city … Continue reading

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Birthday at The Basement – celebrating BritThai

It was my birthday recently and so we went out locally to eat. The Basement Thai fitted the bill perfectly. It’s a short walk away in the town centre and is consistent. It’s also cosy – down some steps into … Continue reading

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Beet-ing the winter salad blues

In my head a salad is Summer with all the ingredients beautifully warmed by sunshine. It is one of the most seasonal of all dishes. I love the textures and the combinations though and I can’t wait for the next … Continue reading

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