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Smokestak enlightening

I love the idea of a smokehouse. It’s like a barbecue on steroids and, like barbecues, I’ve had some good and bad experiences. I’ve had some fabulous juicy and sticky ribs but also some horribly dry brisket which should have … Continue reading

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Modern Brick Lane: Modern Britain

I’ve read the eponymous Monica Ali novel and I had an impression of Brick Lane by reputation but I’d never actually visited. My recent visit was a real eye-opener of modern London and what a wonderfully vibrant and exciting place … Continue reading

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A double helping of Parsi cafe

Over a thousand years ago a small group of Persians made the journey to seek their fortune in India. Many settled in Southern India but a small group eventually made it to Hindustan in the prosperous city of Bombay. They … Continue reading

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In praise of lunch… and The Cross

On our recent lunchtime visit to Carters of Moseley my wife and I observed how refreshing it is to eat a lighter but tasty meal in the middle of the day compared to having a blowout in the evening. Back … Continue reading

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Fabulous modern British cuisine (and just right on the ‘ponciness’) – Carter’s of Moseley

  For my wife’s birthday I planned a surprise day of events beginning with lunch. She loves good food she also wants to eat healthily and doesn’t want to worship it in the process. The word she uses to describe … Continue reading

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Lessons from a thriving High Street in East Yorkshire

I love infographics like this one which lays out well the economics of local vs national retailing. Some time ago I described in a blog my vision for the perfect market town  As our daughter is at Hull University … Continue reading

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Luuurvvv at The Beeches Bar and Grill

Restaurants seem to lose their minds at some times of year. At Christmas perfectly decent kitchens seem to ditch their standards and serve “what the people want”. All innovation disappears and, like it or not, the only fayre is turkey … Continue reading

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Marrakech… and the wonders of adventure

I believe the best holidays are based on experiences rather than sights and I can really see that. I’m probably a little odd but my own favourite moments have been the holidays where I’ve felt challenged and maybe seen something … Continue reading

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Wild Thyme in Chipping Norton – Cotswolds passion

At college my best subject was art. I could draw and paint accurately and at times I thought about it as a career. And then the conservative side of me stepped in and reminded me of the garret-bound artist trading … Continue reading

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@ZouBisouCafe in Leamington Spa – a funky cafe with soul

Zou Bisou is a cafe in the heart of restaurants in Leamington Spa. This is a place of tough competition. I’ve already written about the delights of Coffee Architects, Turtle Bay and La Coppola and enjoyed each one of them … Continue reading

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