Griddled peach, avocado and feta salad

peachI’ve never had much luck cooking with either pears or peaches. We struggle to get great fruit in season anyway in the UK and I’m not the most delicate of hands. There is something about fruit which makes it hard to get the flavours into them and so essentially you are left with the fruit itself as the main event.

With a slightly heavy heart I adapted a Tesco recipe for peach, feta and avocado salad. Peaches looked about as good as we get – think European quality and then reduce by 20% – and so I bought some with this in mind. While on the subject of quality I think we have a 66% success rate with avocados in Britain too – I’m sick of opening another brown one!

In my version of the recipe I swapped the bulgur wheat for cauliflower rice. Cauliflower rice is a bit of a faff to make compared to either couscous or bulgur wheat but it’s pretty healthy and has a lovely nutty flavour. I prepared a whole cauliflower and roasted until there was an even colour across it.

The thing I like about this recipe is that it involves making a paste to stir through the rice. I blitzed lemon juice, olive oil with spinach, red chilli and spring onions along with seasoning. I didn’t have any coriander so I just added more spinach and this made a fresh but zingy base which added colour and flavour.

After stirring some of this through the cauliflower until I was happy I added some shredded spinach leaves, some finely chopped red chilli and cubes of one avocado. I put slices of peach into a bowl and then sprinkled with olive oil, ground black pepper and plenty of salt before putting them on a hot griddle. This part of it actually worked really well – it softened the fruit, added to the flavour and gave a really nice colour to the dish too. The final part is to crumble some feta through and its finished.

I absolutely love it but I would say its probably not a side dish unless its with something really delicate – a piece of roast white fish would go well. It would be a hit at barbecues too I think. The combination of flavours is good but the quantities and seasoning seem really important to me – enough salt from the feta against the sweetness of the peach. The photo doesn’t really do it justice; I probably shouldn’t have combined so that the golden colour of the peach with the white feta and deep green spinach. Enjoy!


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