A romantic evening at Champers – Rockley, Barbados


On our last evening in Barbados we made a reservation at Champers. This is another stunning beachfront restaurant overlooking Rockley Beach. From the moment we arrived on the island this place was recommended to us and so we had to go. It seems to vie with The Cliff as the restaurant to go to.

imageFirst impressions are good. From the colonial style frontage (or is this the backage) a littl set of steps takes you Champers. The reception area is prettily decorated and we were seated on a lovely sofa while we tried the cocktails. Even better was the deck area when we were seated at the table. This really is real ocean-front dining. You can hear, and occasionally see, the sea and the lights of Rockley beach and the occasional lightship twinkle in the distance. The moon was shining brightly too. It is a really romantic setting and a lovely location to spend our last night.

The menu is pretty special too. It’s a fusion menu that focuses on good Bajan ingredients with elements of sushi, Cajun and Thai along the way. I could have chosen quite a few things….

The bread appetiser is nicely served. Three breads are served with a choice of oils – garlic, herb and chilli and optional balsamic vinegar. All very tasty.

imageMy pan fried lion fish starter got me off to a good start. This was served on a bed of kale. The sautéed kale was delicious – beautifully buttery. The were some crispy threads of presumably fried carrot which gave a nice texture too. The lion fish fillets were well cooked and the whole thing was served with a cream sauce. A rich starter.

imageThe seared scallops on noodles was even better. The large scallops were on a bed of rice noodles and served with a ginger beurre blanc. The scallops were just right with the crust from searing but soft in the middle.

It’s hard not keep going with the seafood theme when we are overlooking the Caribbean and so my main was yellow fin tuna.


I had it grilled rare which effectively just seared the outside. The tuna was probably the best I have tasted. It was soft and delicate with nice seasoning. It was served on a light mashed potato with some steamed vegetables and a wasabi cream and soy sauce. The whole thing made a lighter contrast to my starter and just looked pretty too.

imagePrettier still was the sautéed prawns that my wife chose. This came with a Jamsine rice island with a broccoli tree in a Thais red curry sea. Presentation here is exceptional and the taste matches. There was a delicate heat to the sauce.

imageIts the last night of our holiday and so we went for puddings too and I am so glad we did. The Bajan bread and butter pudding is the best I have ever had. I have been slightly puzzled as to how bread and butter pudding appears on the menu here so often. After a day by the sea a stodgy traditional pudding isn’t the first thing to come to mind. This was a beautifully eggy confection with sweetness of rum. It was soft and creamy. It was lifted by a rum-heavy creamy sauce and some vanilla ice cream in a little brandy snap basket.

imageThe coconut tart was one of the most popular choices. It had the texture of a Yorkshire curd tart but with a clear coconut flavour. The pastry was light and this came with coconut ice cream in the brandy basket.

I really liked Champers. It’s not cheap. The meal for the two of us with a house Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and two cocktails came to over US$200. We’ve paid half that regularly for one course and a shared pudding with beer so it’s not exorbitant either. For a romantic evening under the stars with interesting food with fabulous local ingredients it can’t be faulted.



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