Cafe Sol in Barbados – tasty open air tex mex


We arrived in Barbados around 6pm and headed to our hotel in St Lawrence Gap. We were tired and, after a quick shower and unpack, it was 8pm. We walked along to a little place recommended by our hotel called Cafe Sol.

The Gap is a run of cafes and restaurants along a small road which winds alongside Dover Beach. The theme is generally sea food with a bit of spice. There is reggae playing and a succession of taxis make their way along the roads to guide customers to their evening out. It’s all a mile or so outside of Bridgetown.

Cafe Sol is situated overlooking a pretty little harbour with fishing boats anchored. At the other end is a simple white painted church which boasts over 150 years of serving the local community and which was fully lit and busy on a Thursday night. Cafe Sol is virtually the last bar along the strip and is perched up on the corner with the main road into Bridgetown and it has some nice views of the passing activity. Bookings are recommended and we had a thirty minute wait for a table for two. No matter, we had a great waitress who looked after us in the meantime getting us some iced water and then a very welcome lime margarita. The other diners appeared to be a mixture of locals, lots of Americans, a few Brits and then occasional Spanish speaking guests. A nice mix. The whole area is nice and relaxed.

The restaurant tables are scattered along the wall looking down on the bay and then some larger tables inside but on a warm evening the outside tables are just great. Lighting is at a premium in The Gap so reading the menu can be a challenge – especially for those with elderly eyes. This whole vibe is what we Brits love to do. There are very few nights in an English year when you can sit out in a t-shirt and shorts in the dark without a woolly pullover to hand.

imageCafe Sol specialises in Tex Mex. I’ve had some mixed experiences with Tex Mex in the UK recently; good in Hull, less so in Manchester but with hope in my heart I had a blackened shrimp burrito. The picture doesn’t do it justice due to the low light but it came with some guacamole and sour cream over it, a little pot of rice and some refried beans. The flavour was excellent – delicious spicing on the prawns which had good meaty texture and the blackened flavour was spot on. The beans were excellent too with a nice bit of heat that reminded me of a nice Tarka daal. My wife opted for the shrimp fajitas which came with three pancakes and a good amount of sizzling hot blackened shrimp mix as well as trays of cheese, lettuce, gaucamole and salsa etc. Washed down with more margarita and a stubby of Red Stripe it was a really nice welcome to The Gap. The bill for two mains, three margaritas and a Red Stripe came to around £57 including 10% service charge. This is typical price for the area looking at a few menus as we walked by.


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