Cheesy Bacon Egg Cups

01b4ec9d6d62b940bbfb87d416089543ebbaa74f71A while ago I saw a Tasty video entitled Cheesy Bacon Egg Cups on Facebook. I’ve subsequently found other potential sources and I am not sure where the original came from. It looked a pretty, easy and clever way of making breakfast. I let it lie for a while before returning to it recently.

The video shows a muffin tray being used. The video begins with a disk of bread being put in the bottom of the cases. A rasher of bacon makes a wall round the side of the bread. Some grated cheese is dropped in the bottom and then an egg is dropped on top. And that’s it. Bake for 15 minutes.

What comes out is a neat breakfast cupcake with lot of scope for variation. I’ve realised that it is pretty foolproof. The bread comes out the same no matter what you do (I originally experimented with different breads and toasting first) and the egg seals all the 01d9ae12538fb64f523dbbcd655d9c4c5068103d90gaps in bacon while the bacon itself sticks well to itself to maintain the “wall”. You don’t need to be too careful with the prep and so the real challenge is about flavour.

I’ve roasted a small cherry tomato and put it in the bottom which adds a nice bit of moisture and a burst of flavour. Personally I prefer the cheese on top of the egg to create a crusty topping. I think some sweetcorn is a nice addition with the sweetness working well against the bacon. The bacon is best when it is most pancetta-like – regular even strips. Anchovies were too strong a flavour but I think there is scope for putting something on the bread base.

I love the lack of washing up which results from the muffins coming cleanly out of the muffin tin and I think there is lot of scope for making this recipe into either canapés or a dinner party starter. Have a play!


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