The Modern – great coffee and a varied menu

01b8a09b7e9bc8cdf8ab936cd32eed5be2e4837873On my tour of Kenilworth’s cafes I made a trip to The Modern. First impressions are that its an odd name. It also doesn’t do it any favours. Rather than modern, the interior gives the impression of a largely white clean kitchen space with just hints of American diner – nice and tasteful but not space-age.

My first encounter was at lunchtime during the summer when I called in to get a sandwich. I got a delicious falafel sandwich with a slightly impractical takeaway bottle of coke. It seemed a friendly and interesting place that was worth another visit.

On a wet and cold day it was a warm haven. 0109afdc5a03020e0ec1607e2fcaf62203488e2789It seems cosy and bright. The windows are steamy and there’s a nice buzz about the place.

The menu is interesting – and that’s the main reasons to pick a cafe for me – it has to have its theme. For me the mix here is “cake and mediterranean”. There is mention of chorizo, houmous, and falafel. There is a nod to New York Diner and the ever-welcome porridge on the large blackboard behind the counter.

We just wanted a snack though on this occasion and so we tried some seasonal stollen and some lemon drizzle cake. It was fine but it was bought-in and didn’t give the homemade impression that some of the other menu choices do.

01bd216e8a4c0a72d32cb39602cba419ca213d7fd7We did have an excellent, beautifully presented flat white each – probably the best coffee I’ve had in Kenilworth. That would be reason enough to return in its own right but I think The Modern has plenty to commend it. This isn’t your traditional breakfast spot or traditional tea rooms – there are other places providing for that market. The Modern offers a decidedly adult place where you can get great coffee (to take away too) and some interesting snack food with friendly service. We did try to go again at the weekend but there were no free tables which is a good sign.


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