Lamb meal #7: Lamb breast wraps with hummous

01c91ea07078cae871c09cce3b9bc8c7c0fff30b44Surprisingly I’ve found a part of the half a lamb which I’ll happily take a detour round. The recipes I looked up on how to cook breast of lamb gave away the clues. Breasts of birds are the prime eating while on a lamb its a large thin rectangular cut. It reminds me of the tray you get under an engine block in family cars. It’s hard wearing and thin and protects the good stuff from damage. While the recipes are full of praise for the flavour and the economy of using the joint they were pretty unanimous in saying it needed time.

I thought the meat would go well in wraps, and so it turned out but getting there proved tiresome. I took bits from a couple of recipes and laid the joint flat in the bottom of a large roasting pan. I seasoned it well and added some white wine and lemon juice before covering with foil and putting it in a low oven. I left it for an hour before checking.

I’m glad I chose a deep pan because the breast of lamb just renders huge amounts of fat. I poured this out into a cup as best I could and also removed the ribs which pulled away easily through a little sinew. I then let it have another half an hour before inspecting again. There are three parts to the joint. The thick end of the joint is very fatty but contains some good meat too. This doesn’t cook through as quick as the rest of the joint. The rib part is quite sinewy and thin but it is decent eating once the ribs have been removed. The third part is a flap which contains horrible white gristly bits. I decided that even when these were cooked it was still going to be fiddly to pick and so I just discarded this part.

I finished off the joint by cutting the pieces into small bits to get a more even cook and gave it twenty minutes uncovered.

I got what I wanted in the end – some good scraps of tasty meat which is slightly gamier than the other joints while still retaining some sweetness. It could have possibly done with a longer cooking time to be more tender but in the shredded format I used it didn’t matter. I wont be repeating the exercise – the lamb fat got everywhere and, although I got four more decent plates of food (27-30) in the lamb wraps served with hummous, salad, tsatsiki and pomegranate its a couple of hours I could do without.


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