Table 8 – Wedmore, Somerset.


On a recent trip to visit friends in Somerset we had an evening out incorporating the usual curry. Our hosts know a good curry and we’ve not had a bad meal out with them. We’ve tried a few in the area over the years and on this occasion we tried the oddly-named Table 8 in Wedmore.

Wedmore is a nice little town which seems to attract a fair amount of evening visitors to the pubs and restaurants. On a rainy night we went to The Swan for a drink beforehand. It’s a nice enough place. There was an interesting selection of beers and ciders. There was a time when you could look at the name beneath the pub sign and know what would be on offer – one bitter, one mild, one lager – with maybe the frisson of the occasional guest beer or a bottle of Newcastle Brown. Cocktails were combinations of beers and ciders – the dreaded snakebite, or the Mickey Mouse. I tried a decent Pilsner and a very malty beer.

It was a short walk across the road to Table 8 which is located off the car park of yet another pub. It’s an odd place. It feels quite dark and gloomy with a small counter by the door. The counter isn’t a bar because this is unlicenced and so you bring your own. Apparently you can bring beer from the pub if required. The serving staff were young and enthusiastic and service was brisk.

The menu is fairly standard – 90% of most menus carry the same standards. My only challenge with a new  curry house is to try and work out just what ‘medium’ means. I’ve been to some where it refers to the size of the green chilli pile on top!

Early signs from the poppadums revealed nothing. A plain mango chutney, some quite roughly chopped onions and some raita. The only interesting part was the use of tiny little serving spoons which caused most of the onion to end up on the table.

Things perked up with the starter. The stuffed pepper with vegetable stuffing was really good. The pepper was nicely cooked and charred on the outside. The stuffing consisted of nicely spiced chopped vegetables. The menu suggested paneer involved but I couldn’t detect it. I wouldn’t normally order this and my description doesn’t do it justice but trust me it was a good starter.

I then had a “Bengal Zaikuti”. I think this is the same as a Xacuti. It was chicken in a thick earthy sauce which had some great oven roasted potatoes. The sauce was a little oily but the flavour was spot on. I don’t like raw heat of chilli in my curry but I do love the spices. This was with a slightly gloopy tarka dhal and a fairly ordinary naan.

017523742df2a78aeef95f1ca4de3b686a99cdb1aaMy wife had the Murg Mossolini – Chicken fillet stuffed with spiced minced lamb in a bhuna sauce. It was beautifully cooked but very rich.

No pudding – of course – and a meal for four with no alcohol came to around £20 each.

Table 8 is an odd place with pretty good food. It feels like it has been set up in a function room of the pub but somehow doesn’t feel permanent. On a dark and rainy night in November I enjoyed it. I’m not sure how I would feel in the height of summer.


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