El Chupitos revisited – still good from all angles

011d935df50c1bd2616504a83b07035265222ed979I’ve talked about El Chupitos in Newlands Avenue, Hull before. My review is here. It’s a fun, easy place to visit and the TexMex ‘streetfood’ is a cut above your average.

On Saturday we did our daughter-collecting again and I wanted to go back and test it again. I’m pleased to say it was great again. The burritos are as fine as ever. Cocktails were delicious and my wife discovered that the fish fajitas were pretty excellent too.

We tried the special chilli and chips (served with real chips and guacamole) as a shared side order and we all enjoyed that too. Seriously – just go and try the food. Rather than harp on about it all again I thought I’d just add a little bit of colour to the scene. A restaurant is more than the food – service and ambiance come into play too.

018464f4208705fd3990481dbbc8e9cae6aa2ad70cThere are many themed restaurants which focus solely on the theme and forget about the food – Rainforest Cafe in London fitted very squarely in this bracket when I visited on the single occasion. There are others that started on the right track and have somehow become a parody of themselves – TGI Fridays seems to hang all sorts of things up there these days. I think if you
01b9a8315e622f457c903484f84306cf51815e121dare going to theme you need to pay close attention to the theme and be as honest and wholehearted with it as you are with the food.

At the risk of putting you off your food I am going to take you into the gentleman’s bathroom at El Chupitos. Believe me, the Gents can reveal far more about the restaurant than the all too pampered front-of-house. To put your mind at rest, I’m not accustomed to taking a camera in there with me. It was a spur of the moment thing (Officer). I’ve seen some shockers over the years. Here the whole theming of the restaurant gets taken through wonderfully. I posted some pictures of the great street art which is on the restaurant walls – it gets
translated into the bathrooms too. I love the plumbing and conversion of a couple of beer kegs too. Its dark but it is also very clean and very funky – the kind of place that just makes you smile.

01b53184e6a7261f7ede2e609a5ea45bf5a04334dcI also like the selection of hot sauces on offer to spice up your food. They are aware that people like different strength of flavour (see my conversation about Thai food spicing previously) and choose the option of letting the customer do the seasoning. I loved the smokey chipotle option.


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