Huffkins Tea Room, Witney, Oxfordshire 8/10

imageOn a Mothers’ Day afternoon we wandered into the Oxfordshire town of Witney to walk off some of the lunch. It turned out to be a pleasant market town with plenty of shops open.

We stopped off at Huffkins tea rooms and bakery – just the thing. It was surprisingly big and quite traditional in its menu. We were surrounded by lots of tables having an ample afternoon tea. It made me think what a good idea this was for celebrating Mothers’ Day – none of the formality of sitting down to dinner and with something everyone in the family likes – even the youngsters can share the same food. I don’t know how Huffkins fairs most weekend days but today it was full – and that speaks volumes on a cold and occasionally drizzly afternoon.

imageWe didn’t have anything to eat but we did try the beverages. I like the way that the basics are done really well here. Huffkins advertises itself as a tea rooms rather than a cafe. The place is just the opposite side of the road from a coffee house so it’s nice to see that Witney establishments are very specific about what’s on offer. As a tea room you would expect a good selection of teas – made well.

The menu doesn’t disappoint. There is a long list of teas available and they are all served in good tea pots and the  crockery is all Huffkins-branded. The tea pots are the sort where the tea is suspended in a cage in the tea pot and each is labelled with a recommended brewing time. We tried the Earl Grey and the Girlie Grey blend and I had a cafetière of Kenyan coffee. All were good, politely served and imagereasonably priced. The Girlie Grey was nearly ignored purely because of the name but my daughter described it as alternately “lemon meringue pie” and “smells like a candle” – both with a positive intonation.

The shop is full of Huffkins branded tea, jams, and crockery. The bakery looked tempting and clearly draws in the crowds for some of the layers of the afternoon tea cake stands. They deserve success because it is a tea room which does exactly what it says on the caddy.



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2 Responses to Huffkins Tea Room, Witney, Oxfordshire 8/10

  1. emmager says:

    If you find yourself in Huffkins again, I can recommend their lardy cake: perfection in a pastry.


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