Month Of Solitude: into week two – Lucky Dip fishcake Part 2

014f0ec5bd5225dd08c8c289a2729e0b0050437e62Thoroughly chastened from my first fishcake trial I decided to have another go. Now I know what is going on with the ingredients I had a better feel for where to go next. On Sunday I went for a long walk and when I got home I was tired, cold and wet. Just the conditions for some real comfort food.

One of my many guilty secrets is that I love fish finger sandwiches. They are quick, convenient and just hit the spot when I’m flagging. The keys are good chunky fish in the fish cake and a crunchy tartare sauce. I figured I could bring something together with a nice rye bread I’d bought previously.

I cooked off the fish cake exactly as I had before but added some high heat for longer to get a crunchier crust. Finding these in our local Bramhalls deli is a bonus and we’ll be having plenty more of them as they are made fresh daily and they freeze.

013db60246ac60e5f09100b73f6f885ccf3b549273I made a quick cheats tartare sauce. I’d got some cocktail gherkins left over from the steak tartare and they are a great size to make the chunks I needed with little chopping. I added fifteen of them to a tablespoon of quite hot horseradish cream and then added fat-free yoghurt to try and keep the calories down. A squeeze of lemon and a twist of pepper finished a passable version.

I put the tartare sauce and a big handful of rocket on the lower deck of the sandwich and then the fishcake on the top level. Only at this point did I realise just how big the fishcakes are. The photo shows it pre-squidge when I pressed the whole thing down to make it manageable and cut it in half. At this point it looked more like I’d put a ladle full of fish pie in the bread rather than a fishcake.

Still this is comfort food where taste takes precedence over form. It was delicious.


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