Cafe Week: #2 Seasons Cafe and Deli, Old Amersham 7/10

IMG_0231I like to think I am a bit of a cafe expert. Over the years I’ve tried a few and I live in a town blessed with loads of them. Like all businesses the cafes need to know their market and cater accordingly – these are the days of the specialist not the generalist.

Seasons cafe and deli is situated on a pretty high street dotted with boutiques and eateries. It’s premise from the off is a place to drop in, have something to eat and drink and maybe buy something to have later. On a grey afternoon it was pretty busy. In fact there seemed to be more people in here than than were walking along the streets.

There are some tables and chairs on the pavement outside but on a day like today we quickly entered.
IMG_0229The front of the cafe offers a couple of small tables and seats against a breakfast bar while the room at the back offers more tables away from the hubbub of the shop. While the front of the shop is quite quaint and quirky, the back has plain old Formica tables – all clean and snug but without the charm.

The deal here is warming drinks and homemade/good quality bought in cakes. The smiling waitress soon arrived and took our drinks orders but we had to go and point at the cakes because, in rushing past, we’d not taken a note of the names and there are a few to choose from. Because of this I am only guessing that I had a slice of plum frangipane and my wife had something that a union between a brownie and rocky road would create.

IMG_0228The coffees were good and the cakes were fine too. The frangipane was deliciously almondy and the fruit was good – not overly sweet. The pastry was nice and short. The portion of the chocolate cake was too big for both of us – very rich and sweet with some caramel in there as well as the chocolate. All very nice if that is your cup of tea but there was a lot of it.

All in all, a good cafe for the high street offering something a little different. They have crammed a lot in the space and this means that the loo down the yard is a little cold and unwelcoming and it’s not the easiest to access for anyone with mobility problems.



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