Paleo Chocolate Studded Pear Bread on the rebound

Ta dah! Much more like Paleo Chocolate studded pear bread

Ta dah! Much more like Paleo Chocolate studded pear bread

A couple of weeks back I baked a decidedly poor version of this recipe. Through substitutions, uncertainty and incompetence it was more omelette than cake and I determined to put it right.

My previous blog documented where I thought I’d gone wrong. On the wet ingredients I made a change by using coconut milk full fat rather than light. As soon as I opened the can I knew things would be better. Although the outside of the can advised shaking before opening it could only serve to ease the contents from the side of the can whereas the ‘light’ version was much more fluid. The two products are vastly different and I won’t be making that mistake again any time soon. I also suspect that each brand of “light” will have its own consistency.

On the dry ingredients I double checked the measures of coconut flour and was slightly generous this time around. The biggest 01868473ee899631b55a40567526c78a52879004b3different I made was with the pear and choc chips. I slow dried the pear slices for around an hour and a half to take out moisture but also to add a bit more intensity to the flavour. This also lightened it which will help in spreading the ingredient through the cake. On the choc chips I opted for giving them a quick buzz in the food processor. I wanted slightly smaller and therefore lighter chunks. If the batter is thicker they are less likely to fall. My daughter also suggested flouring the chunks and, if this attempt fails that will be my next approach.

I folded the wet into the dry and instantly I could tell I had a thicker batter. Somehow it felt like it had a bit of body to it which I was missing before. The pear and chocolate were easy to distribute and as I put them in the over I felt I had made the right decisions. 40 018977a5067bdda0446d71d5c4298113b92b97ebd4minutes later I have a cake which looks very different. I don’t need to cut it to know everything is fine but when I do I can see the pear and chocolate spread evenly and a proper cake texture.

I’m not a baker and maybe first time around I should have had a better idea of how it would turn out. I’ve learned my lesson.


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