Am I the only one…? Cheese wi’ owt!


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Have you ever discovered that there is a food combination that you take for granted but hardly anyone else follows? For me it is cheese. Not just any cheese. I love all sorts of cheese and hardly ever resort to plain old Cheddar… except with apple and bacon.

I am a fan of the roadside food van. Readers abroad may not know what I am talking about but those in the UK will still know the variety of vehicles which park in lay-bys and serve breakfast to the countries commuters. Long before McDonalds arrived on our shores you could get a bacon and egg sandwich cooked to order with varying degrees of success and sophistication.
As if predicting what would follow, many serve burgers once breakfast is over with but there is no sign of a thickshake! It’s builders tea, instant coffee, a lukewarm can of pop or nothing. The less equipped sites have gas rings with frying pans; the ones I like have a hot plate and organise a steady flow of perfectly cooked food. You can have any combination of the breakfast ingredients but even though they serve hundreds of customers I still regularly get a look of disgust when I ask for bacon, egg and cheese. McDonalds clearly understand the combination but the roadside truck owners generally curl their lip…except in Yorkshire.

Having been brought up in God’s own county I’d assumed the rest of the world was similarly blessed. Cheese is also the natural friend of the apple. A chunk of cheddar with a crisp apple is a wonderful combination. It goes well too with apple pie. Red Leicester is also perfect. Before you screw your face up in disgust just try it! I am fully aware that the county is home to Wensleydale but it needs something less sharp and less crumbly. My final application is with fruit cake. Every Christmas my mother-in-law makes fantastic Dundee cake (I much prefer this to any cake with icing or cream) and its rich fruity flavours are set off beautifully with a piece of mature cheddar.

Cheese and biscuits is fine but cheese and fruit is a better combination.


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