Friendly food – part 35: Fish pie


The ultimate comfort food – fish pie with salmon, smoked haddock, prawns and loads of love

Fish pie! Of course! After my first feeble attempt at listing friendly food Mrs M came up with another two – chicken pie and fish pie. I could add stew and dumplings, rhubarb crumble and Apple pie.

Our sickly daughter has made her way back to Uni this evening after a weekend of being pampered. The last gift to her was fish pie for tea. There are no rules for this as far as I am aware – just a million and one versions.
The finest I ever made involved a crunchy top and plenty of spinach . I remember putting the eggs in raw in slight dimples in the spinach and then it all cooked through. The texture was fantastic but I have never been able to find the recipe since – it was a one hit wonder I’m afraid. Seriously, if anyone knows where this is online or can share it I would love to find it again.

Mrs M's fabulously friendly fish pie

Mrs M’s fabulously friendly fish pie

My wife’s version of fish pie involves some lovely pieces of salmon and smoked haddock along with prawns – all in similar proportions. That split of smoked fish, sea fish and prawns adds interest. Good meaty shelled prawns are in order too. The vegetables are pre-cooked leek and carrot all in a creamy white sauce given a little help with some Thai fish sauce. Chopped boiled egg is an important ingredient but the key to all fish pies is to control the amount of liquid in the base and to have plenty of fish with texture. If it is too watery the delicate flavours stay too delicate and skimping on the fish is unforgivable.

The topping is a lovely creamy mash with cheese on top to give a little crisp. On the plate it needs nothing else.


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