Barburrito Kitchen 7/10

barburritoOn a busy shopping day at the Trafford Centre we chose Barburrito Kitchen. I love texmex and it fitted the bill perfectly. I’d not tried this place before but the format was pretty straightforward and it was a production line process similar to Subway. First choice to make is the format. There’s only four to choose from and I went for the burrito. Second option is the content – again the choice ought to be chicken, pork, steak, spicy shredded beef or veggie chilli. I say it ought to be because there was only shredded beef and chicken available. This is a black mark bearing in mind it is a busy shopping day but it does suggest its freshly cooked and if we had waited five minutes we could have had the full range.

It then gets loaded with all the ingredients – choice of three rices, four salsas ranging in spiciness, and garnishes including cheese, sour cream, onion and pepper mix and extra chilli all within the price. The upsell piece is for tortilla chips or guacamole and drinks. It all gets wrapped up into a neat foil parcel which keeps it warm in a crammed food court area. This isn’t anything to do with Barburrito but I do hate the hovering for tables.

When we did get a table the verdict was pretty good although for fast food. My subsequent visit to El Chupitos in Hull reminded me what a burrito could taste like with a little more time and creativity but this is a food court in a shopping mall. I’d gone for the spicy shredded beef, the chipotle salsa (described as hot and the second highest on the heat scale), cheese, Mexican rice and some pepper and onion mix. It was decent “street food” served quickly. A little expensive I’d say but this is a food court at the Trafford Centre (hate to be repetitive but you do need a fair comparison) so I’m not quibbling too much about £15.30 for two burritos, a diet Pepsi and a bottle of water.



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