Xmas Squeak

Xmas SqueakWe’re doing well with using up food after Christmas but we faced an annual challenge. We always save the excess veg after Lunch and the phrase “bubble and squeak” gets mentioned.

Bubble and Squeak sounds fantastic but is seldom executed to produce something which doesn’t taste like, well, yesterday’s vegetables. Common problems tend to be a too-wet mixture due to the boiled veg, a cold centre due to undercooking or not enough crust through too much turning or the wrong cooking method. Believe me I’ve had a few attempts but in some years the leftovers just get thrown in the bin after being ignored for too long. To my mind good Bubble should be well seasoned, still have some texture to the ingredients and a good crust it. This year I wanted to make some individual “patties” from it as a use-up tea.

I chopped the carrots, roast potato, sprouts and parsnip and added the mashed potato and some sweetcorn. As a bit of extra interest I took some of the Coca Cola ham and chopped it finely. I then did a bit of Googling and used this recipe as a little assistance on consistencyhttp://www.taste.com.au/recipes/21106/vegetable+fritters.
I added the self raising flour and two eggs and it seemed to give me something close to what I thought would work. I wanted something less flat and less fried – the size and shape of a large fish cake is what I had I mind. A problem with patties is that the don’t bind well enough and fall apart in the pan. Hopefully the flour and egg would do the trick with a slow cook.

Xmas Squeak mix









My flavouring was inspired by Heston Blumenthal (but without the science bit). I used his curried parsnip recipe (http://www.waitrose.com/home/tv/christmas/heston-s-curry-glazedparsnips.html) to do something different and everyone liked the gentle spicing (although I didn’t have enough pans to cook them in a single layer and they were a little soggy). I haven’t used the curry powder in the cupboard for years until this so I put a good teaspoon and half into the pattie mix.

The final part was to coat in breadcrumbs to aid the crunch. Our local fishmonger sells bags of them and they are a great larder ingredient. I fried them slowly in olive oil and then finished them in the oven along with the potato wedges. I was quite pleased with the results. I’d probably add a little more flour to dry the mix further but it was definitely my best attempt to date and went down well with the family (as the photo attests – I wasn’t quite quick enough with the camera).


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